Dog-A-Log gives you access to Dog Breed information on the go.

This application utilises a database of Dogs collected from - and condensed down for the iPhone.

Dogs are sorted into groups by name, and you also have the ability to do a rudimentary search of the dogs. This should make it easier for finding information on the dog that you are interested in.

The information in Dog-A-Log has been gathered from, and you may know more up to date or accurate information. If you would like to improve the resources, either email us the changes, or edit them directly on and email so we can update our records as well. is a great place for sharing information, but sometimes that information can be incomplete or inaccurate. If you notice errors, please let us know and we will update and our application (or you can do it yourself directly). Also if you have a better image of a dog, and are willing to let us use it - please email it.

Now also includes a larger photo of each dog.

For support please email



“Missing a few breeds, but if you want helpful information on a favorite breed, or if you’re just bored and want to look up some fun facts, this is the app for you. It is chock full of information, and will keep you busy for hours. I easily would have paid at least $3.00 for this app. It didn’t disappoint me, and it will not disappoint you.” ~Remedy~